Sun Bathing

It was a beautiful morning in June. My new neighbor, Karen, had suggested that we go to the beach and start our summer sun tan. I had a feeling that she wanted to do more than simply lay around in the sun, so I said yes and told her of a secluded cove on the river where we could swim and get an all-over tan without being bothered. She was all for the idea. Karen was a beautiful girl of Filipino extraction – – 5′ tall, with dark bronze skin, blue-black hair, black eyes, and a fantastic 36-20-33 figure. She went to her place to gather her things and make our lunch while I changed into my swimming suit. When she returned in her suit, I was impressed. It was a tiny, sheer, white bikini. The top didn’t cover all of her dark brown nipples and the bottom was simply a G-string which displayed her entire ass. She looked fantastic. It was all I could do to stop myself from attacking her there and then, but I didn’t.

I drove to the river and parked. We then hiked for half-an-hour to get to the spot I had in mind. I carried the beach bag, lunch, and beer and walked behind to so I could better appreciate the jiggling of her bare brown buns. Believe me, it’s not easy to pack a load, follow a narrow trail, and sport a full erection at the same time, but I managed. In hindsight, I’m sure the driving force was Karen’s laughter and the certainty that we would spend much of the day exploring every inch of each others’ anatomy.

When we arrived at the cove, we found that it was al- ready taken. A cassette player was pumping out sensuous mu- sic and there was a nude couple self-occupied in the middle of the narrow beach. The fellow was lying on the beach towel with his busty blonde girl friend sitting on his rump. She was slowly massaging sun tan oil into his muscular shoulders while grinding her pubis on his back bone. The girl was a knock out. Her long hair fell forward and brushed his back as she swayed and massaged him in time to the music.

Rather than hike back, I decided that there was room for two couples, so I spread our blanket about ten feet from the other couple. Karen hadn’t said a word, she just stood staring at the action of the other couple. I grabbed her hand and led her to our blanket. I stripped off my cut-offs and untied her bikini top. Joy then removed the top and bottoms. Although I thought her suit left nothing to the imagination, I was wrong. Her nipples were on high beam and beads of sweat trickled down between her large, hemispherical breasts. Best of all, she had no pubic hair. I later learned that she had shaved it just for me because she saw that the women in my paintings didn’t have pubic hair. The delicate inner lips of her cunt peeked from her crotch and I could see drops of lubricant glistening like tiny jewels on them. I sat down and placed her on my lap. I had a raging erection, the veins on my cock were pulsing and looked like hawsers on a main mast. I grabbed the baby oil, and began rubbing it into her breasts.

We couldn’t take our eyes off the other couple for long. Either they hadn’t noticed us or they were feigning oblivion. When she finished oiling his back, she turned him over and knelt between his legs. She then oiled his chest and legs. Next, she took the bottle of Hawaiian Tropic Oil and poured a handful of oil on his flaccid prick. She slowly anointed his pecker and balls with the oil. As she worked his prick grew to the monstrous proportions that jus- tified a full handful of oil. It turned beet red from the quickening friction of her stroking.

Karen gasped in amazement and began squirming in my lap. I rubbed oil into her pubis, paying careful attention to her labia and clitoris to ensure an even tan. The other girl continued her ministrations in reverence to the scepter she held. Suddenly, the purple head of the boy’s cock inflated even more. The girl stopped stroking his cock and began a delicate kneading of his balls. He groaned and said, “Natalie! Natalie!” His cock then began erupting. It whipped from side-to-side like a loose hose and his semen spewed over several feet in its wild, uncontrolled trajec- tory. The bulk of his load landed on the girl’s chest and rapidly dripped from her oil slicked titties.

When he was finished spurting his load the girl looked up and finally noticed us. She crawled to the edge of our blanket and asked if we would give her a show like the one she gave us. Karen agreed and pushed me back. She grabbed the baby oil and poured some on my hard dick. Her tiny hands barely wrapped around it, but that wasn’t a problem. She stroked it and tickled my shaved balls with her finger- tips. She slowly pulled the foreskin back and forth to coat the head of my cock with the oil.

The blonde then reached over and rubbed Karen’s pussy. She grabbed our oil, poured it over Karen’s back, and began massaging her in time to the music and Joy’s stroking my dick. The girl’s boyfriend was taken by the scene before him. When he stood, he sported another monstrous erection. He positioned himself behind his girl friend and drove his rigid cock home with one hard thrust. This was all the initiative she needed. She began licking Karen’s dripping cunt.

After a few minutes, I felt an electric surge in my loins. Sweat poured from every pore of my body and my balls began their orgasmic pulsing. Quickly, Karen replaced her hands with her mouth and nursed the tip of my dick. That was all I could take, I unloosed what had to be the grand- daddy of all loads. She took a little in her mouth and let the rest cascade from her chin to her beautiful tits. After my convulsions subsided, I saw the other guy pull his dick from the blonde and stick it in Karen. Shortly thereafter, he came in shuddering waves. The blonde took a towel to the river, soaked it, and returned to our blanket. She cleaned up all of us and Joy passed the beers around. The four of us — Kare, Joe, Natalie, and I — spent the rest of the day soaking-up the sun rays, swimming, and engaging in every form of sex we could think of. On the drive home, I found out that Dan and Michelle were Joy’s friends and I had been invited to expand their menage-au-trois to a menage-au-quatre.

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