Strip naked Bucharest Girls

Nikki answered the phone. “Hello?”

Amanda said in a low, throaty voice. “Nikki. Here is what I am going to do to you.”

Nikki smiled. “What are you going to do to me, Amanda?” She reclined in her chair and crossed her long pretty legs.

“When you come over, I’m going to take you at the door. I’m going to strip you naked and have you right there. What do you think of that?”

Nikki said softly, “And what makes you think I’m going to come over?”

“One: you want to. Two: I want you. Three: I’m naked. And Four: hell, I’m right next door!”

“I don’t know, darling…you might have to wait, oh, thirty or forty seconds.”


Thirty-three seconds later Nikki was at Amanda’s door. She was wearing a black zipper-front sleeveless mini-dress. That was all she was wearing. She brushed back a lock of thick bronze hair and opened the door.

The room was dark, shades drawn. Nikki walked in, closed the door behind her and waited.

Amanda walked into the living room, as naked as she promised. She had shoulder-length dark hair, wide dark eyes, and at 40, looked 10 years younger. Her breasts were heavy and tipped with thick nipples. Nikki could see the shadow of her pubic hair, a dark triangle framed by the ivory legs and wide hips.

Amanda stopped 10 paces from Nikki, standing there with one hand on her hip. She looked at Nikki and her sensual mouth was open. “Nikki – please unzip your dress.”

Smiling, Nikki reached for her throat and slowly pulled the zipper down to just above her pelvic arch. The cleavage of her full breasts came into view. “Amanda, what else would you like me to?”

“Take off the dress.” She came forward five paces.

Nikki shrugged off her dress and it floated to the floor. She stepped out of, kicked it aside. She had come over barefoot. A curly thatch of bronze hair marked the portal between her thighs. She stood up and looked at Amanda, a small smile on her face.

Amanda walked up the steps of the foyer, and came forward until she faced Nikki. She leaned forward and her breasts met Nikki’s, nipples touching. She looked at Nikki for a long slow five count.

Nikki moaned, “Oh, God…” and then threw her arms around Amanda. Amanda wrapped her arms around Nikki and they kissed each other hard, mouths open and tongues wrestling. They squeezed each other in a tight embrace, their breasts pushed together and legs rubbing and entwined. The women fell their nipples stiffen, sending shocks of pure sensation when they touched.

Amanda pushed Nikki back against the wall, and thrust her hips forward. Their pussies met in a bristling sweet collision of hair, labia and clit. They kept kissing each other, at times soft and sweet, at others, insistent and demanding. They gasped small incoherent pleadings of need and urgency. Nikki felt her legs pushed apart as Amanda pressed her hips in, felt the lips of her mound open and flower, flowing freely now.

Amanda crooned gutturally, “ahhhhh…..oh, Terri – my sweet….yes…that’s it….oh, that’s the spot! Uhhhhhhgggghhhhh!”

Nikki moaned and squeezed her breasts tightly against Amanda’s, almost swooning at the feeling of their nipples stabbing together, the push of their bellies into each other. “Amanda….my angel….oh, dear sweet God!” And she felt herself lifted off her feet, her back against the wall, and she wrapped her legs around Amanda’s thighs, locking the ankles.

“Oh, yes…yes….yes….”, Amanda gasped, and pushed in even harder, thrusting her hips as she kissed Nikki. She felt her clit, swimming in a sea of feminine honey, meet and slide along the length of Nikki’s throbbing pearl. The heads of the clits met and vibrated.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnggggggggg!” Nikki cried. “Oh, god….Amanda….you are going….uuuhhhh….mmmmmm….to….m-make…me….cum!”

Amanda fucked her neighbor against the wall of the foyer, Nikki’s ass pounding onto the wall. A picture five feet away shook loose from it’s nail and crashed down. They paid no notice. Nikki placed her head on Amanda’s shoulder, and briefly opened her eyes. In the full length mirror across the room, she saw the naked tableau of their tribadism, and whimpered at the erotic sight of her neighbor and lover fucking her. She saw Amanda’s butt contract as she pressed herself forward, and it sent her over the edge.

With a high-pitched cry of pure ecstasy, Nikki came. She spasmed violently and gushed, crying out and bouncing her hips against Amanda’s. Her juices spurted and her vagina contracted like a muscle. Her climax triggered Amanda’s orgasm, who stiffened her hips in one final drive inward, pinning Nikki to the wall as she cried out her delirium. Her pussy fastened onto Nikki’s soaked sex, and she issued her own flowing river of liquor as she convulsed.

They clung to each other against the wall in the foyer, two naked shaking women, letting the aftershocks pulse through them. They kissed each other and moaned their endearments and adoration. A few drops of their combined juices fell to the floor.

Nikki leaned in Amanda’s arms, their breasts nestled together. Sweat clung to them. Nikki raised her eyes to Amanda’s, looking at the dark-haired woman. Amanda kissed her.


“Yes, Nikki?”

“Let’s go for the horizontal.”

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