Sharing The Bed

Krista let out a small cry, her head arched back and her fingers dug into my back. Her arms and legs pulled me tight as her pussy began to spasm. That set me off, I let my arms slip under her and I hugged her tight as my cock slammed down hard. I orgasmed, my cock pumping it’s load deep inside her shaking body. We laid like that a while, just holding each other, before I rolled to the side. She pulled the sheet over us as we started to fall asleep. We were just about out when we heard a knock at the door. “Hey guys.” said Casey quietly. “Can I sleep with ya’ll, I heard a noise and it kinda weirded me out.” “Sure” mumbled Krista, half conscious. “Climb in.” Somewhere around two or three am Casey woke me up, getting up to go to the bathroom. I laid there, looking around the room which was fairly well lit.

Lots of building lights were bathing the room, since we’d left the curtains open and the sliding door ajar so we could hear the waves crashing on the beach. Hearing Casey return, I looked at her and smiled. She had been wearing a two piece teddy, and apparently in her half asleep state left the bottom half in the bathroom. I got a nice view of her blonde pubes and she stumbled back into bed. My cock got hard instantly. I rolled onto my side, looking at her body as she laid next to me on her back. Her teddy was hiked high, almost revealing her tits, so I decided to help it. Caaaaarefuly I picked up the edge and oh so slowly lifted it above her breast. Ah, sweet.

Emboldened, I reached down and lightly stroked her pubic hair, being careful to only touch hair and not skin. “Ummm” she moaned in pleasure, wiggling her hips. She slightly parted her legs. Being one to take yes for an answer, I lightly caressed her pussy lips and clit. Another groan of pleasure escaped Casey’s lips. She spread her legs further, so I slowly slipped a finger inside her warm cunt. In no time I was giving her a nice finger fucking. Really bold now, I took a chance and licked one of her breasts. All of a sudden she let out a gasp, and her legs clamped tight around my hand as her hips came off the bed. She held like that a minute, shaking, before she slowly lowered her hips to the bed. I let my fingers slide out, and licked her cum from them.

While I was licking her pussy juice from my digits, I felt her hand groping at my crotch. I guided her hand to my cock, and she began pumping. Damn, Casey gave a great handjob! She had rolled onto her side a little, to face me. In short order her fingers did their job and I exploded, my cum splattering all in her pubic hair. She rolled back over, falling back asleep as if nothing had happened. I reached over to touch Krista’s nude body, assuring myself she was still asleep before passing out myself.

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