Being a masseuse in erotic massages fulfills me the most

Hey there. My name is Jasmine and I would like to let in on about my experiences as a masseuse in erotic and tantric massages. I work now in a saloon in Bucharest and what I met here fulfills me very much.

I worked in different saloons for massages for almost five years. I am 28 years now and I can say that the world of massages always fascinated me. I didn’t really expected to become a masseuse, but learning in the past years what special massages really can be and what they can offer beyond the common perception of what a massage is, made me make up my mind.

I tried many types of massages before deciding for the erotic and tantric ones. I even worked for a while in a hospital where the massages where required to their therapeutically effects for the faster recuperation of the patients. I was then more interested in the simple massages for relaxation and this is when I said to myself that the welfare that comes with the relaxation is what fits me most and that this is how I want to alleviate the dolours and the stresses instead of having to deal with patients in big sufferance. I also became interested in the Asian philosophy and their knowledge about healing and I must admit I was very well surprised about their complexity.

Finally, after having tried different types of erotic massages in Bucharest city, I understood that the tantric one is “my path” and I began to improve myself in this field. The satisfaction I have now in this is a silent reward for all the efforts I had made while searching for my path and my specific way to offer something valuable.

Bringing fresh and very beneficial energies in one’s body is the aspect I like the most in these massages. When you see that the guest comes to you in a specific state, maybe not the very best, but as the time goes by and the session of massage reaches its end, its whole estate and feelings can change dramatically and improve in an unexpected measure, this will bring a lot of joy to you…

First of all, I like a lot working with energies. I developed a better and better sense to feel them, to understand them and to help them manifest in ways that I try to make them beneficial for everyone involved. I think it is very important that the guest sitting there at my disposal to become aware, him also, about the energies in his being. It is a lot better than him having the impression that everything that goes on in a massage is just the business of the masseuse. It is his business, also, after all, it is his being we are talking about…

Of course that for succeeding in bringing the fresh energies, the guest must be opened to it, he must let go the old ones and he must cooperate in the “work”, we, the masseuse are doing… he will help us helping him… this cooperation is also something that makes me happy, it is like having something valuable which I know I can share with the others.

I’m working now in a massage salon in Bucharest, and I should also mention the gratitude that I feel when the guest comes back after a while due to the effects he observed in time, not only the good sensations present there, at the moment of the massage… This is something that always brings me happiness and I know what I do is really a valuable action.

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